Rifle I: November 7th 2017 – Shiocton,WI | Go2FirearmSafety.com

Rifle I course help our shooters develop a solid foundation of shooting skills for any level of shooter as a beginner to advance or even as a refresher course. Many of our students are experienced shooters that find this course the perfect level of shooting as a first step into professional handgun and tactical training as it will build a solid platform of skill sets required for more advanced training.


Rifle I: September 5th 2017 – Shiocton,WI | Go2FirearmSafety.com

Our Team of Instructors will provide each attendee with instruction and physical training to employ the handgun properly, safely and effectively. Both dry-fire and on-range exercises will challenge the student with a variety of shooting situations to reinforce the learned skill sets by utilizing in a manner that creates muscle memory.
There are three levels in the rifle course and each student goes through the progression stages.