Go2 FS Training Course: College Bound Readiness (CBR)

Go2 FS Training Course: College Bound Readiness (CBR)


Go2 FS Training Course: Home Invasion Course (HIR)

Find a class near you! VIEW CLASSES Give Your Family the Confidence by Empowering them with the PPT G.E.A.R. Home Invasion Response About This Course: The Go2 Firearm Safety’s Personal Protection Training G.E.A.R. has developed a real world Home Invasion scenario training course that allows families to create a plan and utilize the four essential [ ]

Go2 FS Training Course: Active Shooter Response (ASR)

Find a class near you! VIEW CLASSES Learn skills necessary for surviving an active shooter situation. About This Course: The Go2FS Instructors and Team have over 30 years of experience in defensive tactics. The Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. Team of Instructors, Affiliates and Consultants are comprised of former and retired LEO, SWAT, Military, Martial Arts [ ]

Go2 FS Training Course: Handgun I

Go2 FS Training Course : Handgun I Time: 8:00 a.m. 12:00p p.m. About this Course: This course is the Go2FS Handgun I course that teaches beginners the fundamentals while allowing the intermediate and advanced student to refresh their skill set. Why We Recommend This Course: At Go2FS our instructors are located through the country [ ]

Event: Go2 FS Active Shooter Defense Course

Active Shooter Defense Course Time:5:30 PM A Course to Prepare Citizens with Strategies and Tactics to Survive an Active Shooter Situation The number of Active Shooter Events has doubled over the past decade and is projected to increase.  Domestic violence, work place violence, civil unrest and terrorist attacks in the US are on the rise.  [ ]