Happy Memorial Day!

Go2FirearmSafety would like to wish you a safe and happy Memorial Day! We thank and honor everyone in our Military Services A hero is someone who has given life to something bigger than oneself. Joesph Campbell


JF Rick Hammesfahr, MD of Tactical Medical!

Tactical Medical Consulting, LLC JF Rick Hammesfahr, MD, is our Go2FirearmSafety Client of the Week! Dr. Hammesfahr developed the Advanced Tactical Paramedic (Practitioner) program for the Special Operations Command Medics. Check Out Tactical Medical and learn more about the outstanding work Dr. Hammesfahr and his team do to spread knowledge and good practice for those [ ]

Manchester Arena attack: 22 killed at Ariana Grande concert

Terrible news from Manchester as yesterday 59 people were injured and 22 killed in a bombing at an Ariana Grande concert. Prayers go out to the individuals and families affected by this terrible event that seems to occur far too often. We won t go into too much detail on this so as to give the attacker [ ]

Summit Rifles: Go2FirearmSafety Site Of The Week

Congratulations to the team at Summit Rifles, located in Dallas, GA. The Go2FirearmSafety Site of the Week! The team over at Summit Rifles continues to turn out master class rifles, gunsmithing and firearms accessories with satisfied clients all over the United States. If you are looking or in the market for a custom bolt action rifle, your [ ]

WannaCrypt Ransomware: What To Watch For

Ransomware is malicious software that prevents you from accessing your files until a “ransom” has been paid. Wannacrypt Ransomware is the latest virus going around targeting out of date Microsoft Operating Systems.  Not to always drive home the point, keep your OS’s updated and in some cases devices as current as possible, you might regret not [ ]

4 dead, including police chief, after Ohio nursing home shooting

Officer shot in central OhioKIRKERSVILLE, Ohio — Four people, including a police chief, were killed in a shooting at a nursing home in central Ohio Friday. An officer was shot at the Pine Kirk Care Center in Kirkersville, which is about 25 miles east of Columbus, WLWT News 5 s NBC affiliate in Columbus NBC4 reports. [ ]

Stephen Westbrook, Winner Of Go2FAS Shotgun Give Away!

Thank you Stephen (winner of the give away) for the great pics and once again, on behalf of Go2FirearmSafety, Congratulations on winning the Mossberg 500 Tactical Shotgun! We hope you enjoy putting it to use at the range over the next years to come. If you want to look as happy as Stephen does in [ ]